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                                                                                          Giovanni da Verrazzano 



By becoming a member of the Giovanni da Verrazzano Lodge/Piermont Sons of Italy, you join a national organization who shares your interests. Whether your interests lie in reconnecting with the culture which is a deep part of your heritage, or you want to further the Italian language you'll find what you're looking for as a member of our Lodge. You can become involved in our scholarship program, participate in philantropic endevors, fight bigotry and bias against Italians, or simply enjoy the social events.   In addition, you become eligible for other OSIA Member Benefits.

For additional information on becoming a member of Loggia Giovanni da Verrazzano send and emai to:

All OSIA members receive:

  • A free subscription to Italian America magazine, the most widely read cultural magazine in the U.S. for people of Italian heritage.
  • A free subscription to the Golden Lion, the publication of the Grand Lodge of New York
  • A free subscription to Il Giornalino, the Giovanni da Verrazzano/Piermont Sons of Italy newsletter
  • Access to OSIA.ORG, the national cutting-edge Web site full of information about issues, programs, reports and research important to Italian Americans.
  • Access to NYSOSIA.ORG, the web site of the Grand Lodge of New York
  • Eligibility for OSIA scholarships
  • A host of discounts on Italian specialty items and services of interest to Italian Americans, including genealogy research, travel, Italian language instruction, and more available from the National web site.

Your membership helps OSIA:

  • Promote Italian language and culture both nationally. statewide and locally. The Order was instrumental in having the College Board establish an Advanced Placement Test in Italian. 
  • Fight the stereotyping of Italian Americans by the U.S. entertainment, advertising and news media as part of the Commission for Social Justice.
  • Educate the general public about the achievements and contributions of Italian Americans in U.S. history.
  • Award scholarships to young Italian Americans at leading universities. [More than $36 million nationally awarded to date.]
  • Assist Italian American students and young professionals with their career plans through internships, mentoring, and youth programs.
  • Donate funds to medical research, disaster relief efforts, education, cultural preservation and other important projects. [Nationally more than $80 million to date.]
  • Advocate for Italian Americans pursuing federal and state appointments, and for important legislation affecting the Italian American community.
  • Support Italian government efforts on a wide range of cultural, educational, and humanitarian activities.


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