Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Order Sons of Italy in America. Loggia Giovanni da Verrazzano is one of five lodges in Rockland County and has been in Piermont for over 88 years. Men and women share equal status within the Order as do individuals of all professions and ages.

The Order Sons of Italy has several membership options:

1. Lodge Membership

If you can trace your or your spouse�s Italian lineage, you can become a regular member of our Lodge. This also includes those who have been adopted by a person or persons of Italian lineage; spouses of such adopted persons; widows, widowers and divorced spouses of current or former members.

  • This form of membership is for you if you wish to become active and participate in activities of the Lodge.


2. At Large Membership

This membership is for some professional persons, doctors, executives, etc., who do not have the time to attend meetings, hold any kind of elected office or belong to a local lodge/chapter.

Annual dues are $20 for students, $50 for regular At-Large members and $100 for a Golden Lion member ($50 from a Golden Lion member�s dues are donated to the state scholarship program and is tax deductible).

3. Social Membership

If you cannot trace you or your spouse�s Italian lineage, you can become a social member of the Lodge. Guidelines for regular members are applicable for social members, except that social members do not have the right to hold office or to vote.

To request additional information and a membership application please click on the following link. information@osiapiermont.org